Are you one of them?

As if to date, there are 78% of the population of Malaysia that do not have medical protection due to high-cost of the medical protection and the knowledge of medical protection.

Let me share with you

What normal people will do if no medical coverage

Borrow Money

Borrowing money from relatives and friends, or using credit cards in this way not only leads to bankruptcy of your credit and personal connections.


Posting on news ask for donation

Goverment Hospital

Go to government hospital and need to wait inside the waiting list, maybe will caused you missed the golden period for treatment.

Therefore, having a medical protection plan is very important. It acts as financial safety for unexpected time. So come and join We Kongsi so you can get relief from high medical cost and providing affordable medical health care to you!!

Benefits That We Offer

We are not an insurance provider, but rather a community health management platform.

Medical Shareable Limit up to RM1 million

Bereavement up to RM10,000

Accidental injury surgery/ treatment - RM10,000

Daily cash allowance in Government Hospital - RM50 / RM100

RM100,000 for out patient cancer treatment (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Electrotherapy)

Our Product

This video typically highlights the key features and benefits of We Kongsi, such as access to a sharing account, the management of funds by a licensed trustee, and the concept of sharing the medical costs with fellow community members. It may also include real-life examples or scenarios that illustrate the concept of mutual support and the value of joining the We Kongsi community.

How it Work

This video typically highlights the available membership packages, payment structure, sharing account, top-up process, transparency, and example of payment.

We Kongsi Admission Flow

Open Account

Participate program and activate account

Visit Clinic Doctor

Get referral letter for further treatment / diagnosis

Planned Admission

Visit panel hospital


Fill up admission request form to TPA to review


Case follow MMA 13th Fees Schedule without compromising care quality


Collect all supporting documents to Legal Appointed Trustee


Trustee review and deduct amount from each account, then case publish to public


Auto Top-Up when Sharing Account below the minimum credit limit

We Kongsi Package

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Case Scenario Example

Total Medical Bill

RM 30,000

Number of Member

3,000 People

Amount of sharing per member

RM 30,000 ÷ 3000 = RM 10

A total of RM 10 will be deducted from the Sharing Account.

Total Medical Bill

RM 0

Number of Member

3,000 People

Amount of sharing per member

RM 0 ÷ 3000 = RM 0

Nothing will be deducted from the Sharing Account.

Total Medical Bill

RM 240,000

Number of Member

3,000 People

Amount of sharing per member

RM 240,000 ÷ 3000 = RM 80

Only RM 50 is deducted from the Sharing Account that month & the balance will be carried over to the next month

Our Partners

Testimonial Videos

We Share

We Kongsi is a community health management platform that collaborates with various partners to enable cost sharing for medical expenses. Our primary focus is to settle medical bills for our members through our community-funded pool of resources and keep the shared costs low yet efficient, maximizing every Ringgit for our Members’ benefit and medical needs.

We Care

While settling medical costs is an important component, there are many other healthcare services that our community needs and can benefit from. We Kongsi is able to integrate a comprehensive range of healthcare services into our already full-fledged Program, thereby enhancing the benefits we can offer to our community.

What you waiting for, come join us now to get 1 million medical cost sharing.

We Kongsi Current Total Active Member 866

We Kongsi Total Members 969


Important Note : We Kongsi is not an insurance company or takaful. Our program is driven by the voluntary agreement among members to share each other’s medical expenses and as such, every member has complete control and full rights to withdraw from the program at any time and to stop sharing medical expenses.

This membership should not be considered and does not function as a group insurance policy or any individual insurance policy. our program operates under a unique model where the risk of each member is shared by the community and does not transfer to the company. Members are also responsible for their own medical expenses. To ensure that all medical needs are fully covered, members are encouraged to consult with a licensed insurance or takaful provider.